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Open Water Diver Course


Open Water Diver Course

Take advantage of our current special and get your eLearning at no charge. This saves you $130 off the regular price. To do so:

  • Choose SDI from the dropdown menu below and then click the button to pay for the course in full.
  • Does training agency matter? No matter which agency you choose, you will get the same course, covering the same knowledge and skills, taught by the same instructors.
  • Regardless of agency, your certification will be equally recognized worldwide. The only real difference is that PADI charges substantially more for their materials.

You can avoid the 3.99% surcharge our card processor adds by paying with a debit card instead of a credit card.

Important: Before enrolling, make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the information on our Open Water Diver Course page. After you sign up, you will still need to call (954) 792-4977 to set up a training schedule.

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